Flights for Christ
Flights for Christ

Below are just some of our past travels as we continue to serve.

December 2014 We were once again blessed to assist Christ's Freedom for Haiti in Operation Christmas Shoeboxes.  Two plane loads of gifts flew from Mt. Vernon, IL to Fort Pierce, FL where they were then off loaded to Missionary Flights International who completed the delivery to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Thank you to both of these groups for their partnership.


And the travels continue as we strive to serve......




September 2014: This was the inaugural flight for N757UG, the Cherokee Six that was gifted to us earlier this year.  Stops were made in Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and Cap Haitien serving Damou Christian Mission and North Haiti Christian Mission.  The aircraft performed solidly carrying more volume at less fuel cost.  We have been greatly blessed by this gift and the blessing is being passed on to the people of Haiti!

June 2014: We were blessed to be able to assist FOUR different missions!  We delivered supplies to Port-au-Prince for KORE( and Christ's Freedom for Haiti (  We also flew to Jacmel again this trip for Damou Christian Mission ( and Haitian Christian Outreach ( Some of the supplies we carried during this trip included an auger and parts for a block making machine, electrical boxes, mosquito netting, food, medicine, a projector screen and 2 wedding dresses!  We thank all of these missionaries for allowing us to partner with you!

November 2013:  Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we traveled to Haiti with the plane loaded from top to bottom with Christmas shoe boxes for the children in the village of Pouille.  This is the base of operations for Christ's Freedom for Haiti (  The shoe boxes were delivered to Port-au-Prince where they were transferred to a truck which then drove 3-4 hours north to a river.  The gifts were then transferred to canoes to cross the river and finally loaded on donkeys or carried for an hour hike to the village.  We greatly enjoyed working with Volner Alexandre in providing over 300 Christmas presents for the children of the orphanage and surrounding area.  A big thank you to the many local churches who helped in the shoe box collection!

July 2013:  Flights for Christ was blessed to be able to assist two separate missions on this trip.  We transported missionary Shara Lyn Avilma from The One Project ( and her daughter, Moya back home to Port-au-Prince along with some needed medical supplies.  We then made a quick jump over the mountains to Jacmel to deliver a soil test kit and AED batteries to Haitian Christian Outreach (​)  It was a joy to work with both of these ministries!

November 2012:  The second flight took place the end of November assisting North Haiti Christian Mission. We again filled the plane with supplies in Indiana including a sound system and one row planter.  The supplies were then flown to Cap-Haitien for delivery.  The living conditions of Haiti, even from the air, are overwhelming.

May 2012:  Flights for Christ was able to assist Damou Christian Mission ( for our inaugural international flight.  We were able to transport a plane load of supplies along with two missionaries from Indiana to Jacmel, Haiti.  The supplies included a water purification unit and baby formula among other items.  The trip took place over a three day period with almost 23 hours of flight time involved!


Please join us in praying for the people of Haiti along with the missionaries who are serving there!


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